BEST WESTERN Garstang Country Hotel - Banquets

So, you have been tasked with unenviable role of organising a banquet, party, sportman's dinner or any number of event titles for your club or corperation.

With the facilities, knowledge and experience to cater for up to 400 diners at one time and have built a reputation as one of Lancashire's finest banquet venues offering the highest quality food at very reasonable prices

This success has led to us expanding our main banqueting suite to host events for up to 250 of your guests and still spare room for a large bar which is always well staffed and well priced ensuring you and your guests are given good value as well as good food and service.

Our experience and expertise is what makes us  popular with many repeat clients over 15 years whose events have grown with the hotel and this expertise is available to all. We can assist you with

With all this help and reassurance all it is left is for you to soak up the glory but accept you could be volunteered again next year.