The History of BEST WESTERN Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Centre

Now a thriving hotel and golf course, BEST WESTERN Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Club was established by its family run owners in 1992 starting off as just a golf course, before this the land was used by the owners as farming land where a family of  generations have grown up.

Shepherd’s Farm started as a diary farm in the late 1600’s and had between 20-30 cows. The farm house and buildings where made from stone gathered from Greenhalgh castle in Garstang over 300 years ago.
The castle was dismantled by Oliver Cromwell’s forces after a long siege after a long undermined operation. The stone was then available for anyone who could make use of it, including Shepherd’s Farm’s to be residents. The family built the farmhouse and farmed on the land until the 1920’s when they bought the land and continued dairy farming until building first the golf course in 1992 and then the hotel in 1995. When the farmhouse and buildings where being dismantled every effort was kept to maintain the stone for use on the hotel building the evidence of its past is still visible.
The hotel now has many special features dating back to the late 1600’s including the stonework from the castle. The main feature in our reception is the fireplace where the stone that is in situe is from the archway above the entrance of the stables door, if you look with great detail at the stonework you can see white on them this is from the white wash which was painted on the stones on the inside of the shippon to keep the risk of disease down. The pillars on the doorway leading from reception to the downstairs function rooms and bars are taken from the back door of the farmhouse. The lintel used on the window sills and fireplace in the lounge bar and Bradbeer bar are reclaimed from Glasson Dock where they use to strip tall sailing boats.
The decision to change from Yeoman Farmers to hotel owners did not come lightly but has been a roaring success. The hotel has spectacular views and lovely surroundings. Every part of the hotel tells a story and this is one of many.